Teddy Adventures 3D

Teddy Adventures 3D 1.68

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Game software of a Teddy bear’s adventures

The Teddy Adventures 3D software program is a game derived from the famous puzzle arcade game. The objective of the game is to lead your teddy bear through the maze and collect a lot of honey crystals along the way.

The Teddy Adventures 3D game will have worthy opponents to try and stop your character from completing his goals. The Teddy Adventures 3D full version provides six varieties of the game young audiences will enjoy.

This game includes Ticland, Mopo Island, New Adventure, ZexoTown, OFO Kingdom and Return to Mopo. This game can be played by children because the killing of opponents comes in bloodless variety.

The musical score of the game adds excitement as each scene changes to signal an opponent or level change. The Teddy Adventures 3D is a strategy game for young kids to develop eye coordination and color recognition.

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